Sunday, May 27, 2012

New Site

So, I am moving away from bloodspot to my own domain...please visit here for new posts:

More posts coming...I swear!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Greg Buttera - Bonus Footage

If you have not seen it yet, Grubstreet Chicago interviewed me about this little blog today: Grubstreet Chicago. It was very nice of them to write me up.

For my next post, I interviewed Greg Buttera from Barrelhouse Flat. Unfortunately, I am in the middle of editing and it may be next week before I get it out to you.  There is a good reason for the delay, though: I will be going off to tour the Bourbon Trail in Louisville. My buddy is turning 40 and we figured one of the best ways to celebrate this milestone was to drink great bourbon, eat good food, and just misbehave. I may or may not have a report back on our trip.

Until I finish the post, I thought I would leave you this little outtake from Greg. I asked him what is the most frustrating thing about his job. I think you will enjoy his answer.